Metan Teknoloji ve Mühendislik San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. (Metantech) 
is founded in 2015 in Tekirdağ Çorlu.

Metantech aims to make the sectors in our country equivalent to the sectors in Europe in Specific Energy Consumption with systems that provide high efficiency with low energy by implementing projects that bring permanent solutions in the sectoral process.

For this purpose, it adapts advanced steam and heat technologies in Europe to the conditions of our country and also offers solutions for process improvement in every sector with innovative engineering services.

Metantech is Turkey representative of BAELZ German Company which is Steam and heat transfer issues with more than 100 years of experience. As a result of its R&D studies, it has designed the Condenstop Free Closed Circuit System, which has its own patent, in the field of steam systems.

It has achieved all the values it has undertaken with Condenstop Free Closed Circuit System it has established for the leading companies of the corrugated sector.

Condenstop Free Closed Circuit System, patent number TR2016 / 12097, has started a new era in the energy sector where steam is used.This system, which has no examples and cancels the steam traps, has saved energy by recovering at least 20% of the lost energy.It has achieved efficient and quality production by sending steam at the desired pressure and temperature to the desired area.By directly pumping the hot water into the boiler, it reduced the boiler working time and the amount of fresh feed water fed into the boiler.Since there is no need to use steam traps in this system, the costs of purchasing, maintenance and leakage of steam traps are eliminated.

Metantech continues to design and manufacture systems that provide benefits in energy saving with its R&D studies.


As the son of a coppersmith, Wilhelm Baelz extended the parental business to the production of industrial steam systems in 1896. Right after the Second World War, Baelz brought control loops, heat exchangers, electrically and pneumatically driven valves and the first weather-dependent controllers onto the German market.

At the beginning of the 1950s followed the first vertical steam-water transfer station in the world, with condensate side control and then in 1970 the controlled water ejector.

Baelz technology, with a view of the laws of nature, aims for economical use of energy and sparing use of resources through innovation.