Jet Pumps for Liquids

  • It is a hot water distribution system for hotel, hospital, plant and residential heating.
  • The use of differential pressure to be present or to occur in the basic water distribution systems of jet pump technology. 
  • The volume of water sent to the customer (watery radiant, radiator, fancoil, ventilation border, heat exchanger etc.) is adjusted according to the heat requirement.
  • The differential pressure required to overcome the plant resistance is derived from the network pressure at the inlet of the jet pump.
  • Saving on investment costs by elimination of electric pumps and isolation valves, pump panel and its cabling.
  • Provides circulation within the heat consumers of the heated fluid.
  • It has a longer life than conventional circulation pumps
  • Saving on electric power consumption min.15-30% because the system incorporates just 1 pump to handle just the actual mass flow.


Jet Pump Heating and Ventilation Systems

Jet Pump Heating System

Jet Pump Pool Heating System