Heron - Microcogenerator

  • Micro-generator produces two different types of energy (heat and electricity) Heron is the only co-generator produced inside a stainless INOX steel tank.
  • The thermal energy collected in the water is transferred through the heat exchanger to the system without any pollution.
  • Leonardo may be the interface to the system control unit.
  • Remote controlled by any device.
  • Costs are reduced for end customers thanks to optimized communication.
  • Works efficiently even in complex systems.
  • Produces electric power ranging from 3 kW to 15 kW.
  • It is very quiet compared to traditional systems. (Maximum 35 dB for 3 kW and 45 dB for 9 kW-15 kW)

         Reduce 50% CO² emissions.
         66% energy saving.
         Provides up to 97% efficiency.