Baelz Actuators

Baelz electric and pneumatic actuators are engineered with precise and quick positioning support. It has the ability feature a long service life, even environments with high ambient temperatures and in harsh classified environments.

They are used in processes where precise valve control is required. While electric linear actuators offer superior precision, pneumatic linear actuators are essential for applications where speed is required to open or close valves. These types of actuators are commonly found in valve control applications in wood, automotive, food and beverage, chemical and energy processes.

 Electric Linear Actuators 

lectric linear actuators convert rotational motion into straight line movements. They are known for their excellent repeatability and precision when operated in applications requiring specific valve positioning. They can be mounted on valves of all DIN and ANSI standards. They offer versatility with 115V, 230V and 24V power supply options. An electric motor turns the spindle up or down, which pushes or pulls the control valve spindle.

They may also be controlled digitally for exact valve positioning operations.    

 Pneumatic Linear Actuators 

In processes that require fast response (high peak draft), pneumatic linear actuators are the best solution. These devices utilize compressed air to push or pull the spindle upward or downward as required by the valve’s position.

They are built with internal springs to set a desired fail open or fail closed positions in the event of outage. Internal springs come in different strengths tailored to meet pressure requirements. Pneumatic linear actuators are available in varying sizes to meet maximum stroke and operating pressures.