Water Source Industrial Heat Pump - Booster

Metantech Booster Heat Pump saves 30-60% according to your operator's situation by generating 6.77 kW heat energy with 1 kW electricity consumption. In industrial processes, there is a large field of application area and minimizes operating costs.

It is used in textile industry, fabric washing, drying plants, feed water preparation and other sectors (washing, galvanizing, production processes, etc.) and also, in the processes of heating and cooling where heat pumps are used (preparing ready meals, processing meat products, milk processing plants, chocolate processing ) provides high performance.

Metantech - Booster

  • It is a monoblock system that increases the delivery temperature by energy action.    
  • Obtain heat energy from waste energy
  • Make constructive parameters effective without changing the existing system.
  • Can be used in different sectors.
  • Produce heat 6.77 kW with 1 kW electricity consumption.
  • Fully monitored and remotely controlled.
  • Adapt to different systems.
  • Easy to install